3 Parks Around the World You Should Visit

What many tourists tend to do when they are exploring unknown places is forget to calm down or to and recreate just a little bit every now and then. This, of course, is not only essential for the body but also for the brain, your organ-buddy who sometimes needs the time to stop calculating (wink). For this particular reason, today we decided to share a list of parks with you that are most definitely going to relieve your touristy tensions. So, without further ado, let us dive deep together – among the trees, of course!

1. Budapest City Park:
Stretching upon a surface area of 1.2 square kilometres (1,400 by 970 metres, if you really want to be precise), Budapest’s City Park is situated deep within the inner bounds of the District XIV of the city. The most used access-point to the park is via the renowned Heroes’ Square (which is conveniently adjacent to it) and it is called “Városliget” by the locals. Formerly called “Ökör-dűlő” (or “Oxmeadow”), the park is filled with countless magnificent sights for everyone to check out from the Vajdahunyad Castle to an Amusement Park (your kids will love it if you happen to have them with you). With more than 6,500 trees within its grasp, the City Park boasts a staggering number of indigenous specimens from acacias, platanus trees, mulberries, willows, trembling poplars, betula pubescens trees, and juniperus communis trees as well. Additionally, it is webbed by a quite a few named pathways called the Olof Palme trail (the bulkier one linking the Heroes’ Square with Stefánia street), the Paál László road, the Zichy Mihály road, the Dvorzsák trail (linking the Olof Palme trail to the Square of 1956), the Washington György trail (between Paál László street and the Olof Palme trail), the Liezen-Mayer trail, the Vajdahunyad trail, the Winston Churchill trail, and the Városligeti boulevard. Additionally, the Kós Károly trail and the Állatkerti (Zoo) boulevard can be accessed with vehicles (these are the only ones that can be). Ready for some recreation now? Sit on a bench and do just one simple thing: enjoy the beauty of the present moment (another wink)!

2. Bathsheba Park, Barbados:
From Europe’s mainland, we mow hop all the way to the Caribbean – more specifically to the island of Barbados. One of the most renowned places there is undoubtedly Bathsheba Park, located right next to the small town of Bathsheba (as you can see, there are plenty of things to do even outside of the capital city of Bridgetown). Boasting a subtle blend between man-made conveniences and natural panoramas, the beachside park is an outstanding place for recreation and relaxation, for children and adults alike. This is precisely why you’ll find so many youngsters kissing here and there under the tropical canopy (wink). Additionally, the local waves produce excellent conditions for surfers both professional and amateur while the smooth meadows make it a good place for friendly cricket matches. Snorkelling in the adjacent water is also recommended as the underwater sights are beyond marvellous (tropical marine marvels are always top-notch). Local stalls offer whatever you might require, including specially-designed footwear to mitigate the possible inconveniences of the rocky beach-stretch. Oh, and guess what? Visiting the park during weekdays is a great solution for loners and artists as it is largely unpopulated. So what about listening to the intro song of “Tropical Heat” (triple wink)?

3. Central Park, Cluj-Napoca:
After flying all the way to the tropical climate zone, we must bounce back to the continental temperate one and hit Romania. Decorating the southern shore of the Someșul Mic River, right in the heart of the city of Cluj-Napoca (often called the Heart of Transylvania), Central Park is an attraction that cannot be left out due to its abundance of cultural events and moody over-arching trees, among countless others. Founded all the way back in the 19th century, it houses the University of Arts and Design and the Chemistry Faculty of the Babeş-Bolyai University within its bounds. Decorated with trees, shrubs, benches and pathways, it is frequented by countless youngsters with hammocks all year long (as recent studies show, teenagers are more attracted to nature than your average Martian). Towards the western extremity, right next to Cluj Arena, one can even find food for the empty stomach and, of course, vanity items. Hammocks are also recommended!

Did you enjoy our list? Which of the aforementioned recreational areas have you visited and what lasting impressions have they left you with? Hit the comment section below and tell us all about it! See you on our next adventure!

Central Park Cluj-Napoca

Central Park Cluj-Napoca

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