Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda – Top 5 Facts

Antigua and Barbuda

The Pacific Ocean is not the only place in the world where you can find exquisite island nations for the Atlantic is also there to be noticed. Harbouring the fascinating island nation combo of Antigua and Barbuda, it seems to have a lot to say for itself. Stretching upon a combined area of 440 square kilometres and harbouring over 100,000 inhabitants, the Caribbean sister-islands are some of the most scenic places that one can visit within the bounds of the tropical climate zone. So, let us tarry no longer and examine the pros and cons of hitting the airport (or a cruise) and going there!

1. Language barriers:

Well, people often hit island nations thinking that they are isolated communities with their particularly exclusive cultures. While every nation does retain a certain degree of individuality, they do not succumb to exclusion when it comes to global connections. This is directly reflected by Antigua and Barbuda where the official language is English, period. If you dabble in it, then you have nothing to fear as you are going to get by just fine (though you should know that the Barbudans and the Antiguans have specific dialects). If you don’t speak English, however, you might want to try Spanish as there are quite a few people there who speak it.

2. Weather:

It is extremely important to check the forecast before you travel to Antigua and Barbuda. Why? Well, two words: hurricane seasons. In 2017, for example, Hurricane Irma hit the island nation so hard that it damaged over 95% of the structures within its bounds. While such a thing is a significant blow to the local tourism industry as well, it should be noted that the place is still a very coveted holiday hotspot. Sitting within the tropical climate zone, it has temperatures between 23 and 29 degrees Celsius during wintertime and between 25 and 30 during summers.

3. Internet:

If you’re planning a social network holiday, you are bound to be let down by the fact that the internet in Antigua and Barbuda is as slow as it can get. With an average speed of around 1.5 Mbps, you are probably going to be looking more at loading screens than web pages. While this is an aspect that is constantly being worked on, it’s just not there yet. The best thing to do there is to admire the offline time and go for a Carpe Diem adventure (wink).

4. Dressing:

Since both the islands of Antigua and Barbuda are located in the tropical climate zone, you might think that it is like Palm Beach everywhere. Well, it’s a tad different. You see, most of the country is Christian and the dressing code is somewhat traditional. Beachwear is not frowned upon as long as you have it on at a beach or at your hotel. However, do ask around as to what hotel doesn’t frown upon it as not all of them are so lenient. Respect the local tradition and stay on the friendly side of people! Oh, and ladies, don’t even think about topless sunbathing – that is considered rude.

5. Sink, sink, sink:

Well, since you are visiting a Caribbean island nation, you might as well lug some diving equipment along. If you don’t have such a thing, you definitely have to have a snorkel! Antigua and Barbuda has some of the greatest underwater sights to entertain you with and the space between the two islands is simply awe-inspiring. If you want, you can strike up a deal with a local to take you out with his/her boat and show you the good spots. Colourful fish? Check. Reefs? Check. Scintillating marine flora? Check. What are you waiting for?

Did you enjoy our list? What experiences have you had in Antigua and Barbuda and what lasting impressions has the island nation left you with? Would you go there again? Tell us all about it and leave nothing out! See you on our next adventure!

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

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You’re so awesome! So good to discover someone
with a few original thoughts on this subject. Really..
thanks for top 5 facts.


We have been trying to visit Antigua and Barbuda for awhile now and the hotels has always been booked, or out of our budget for the trip.
We rented a house on the island for the week, and regret nothing.
Was the best vacation ever.

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