About us


Freeminimaps idea was born in the spring of 2015 because of two main reasons: first and foremost because printed maps for tourists are almost completely unattainable with the exception of a handful of cities (either there is not enough space to lay a significant amount of locations on them or they end up illustrating an area far too minute), and secondly because we have found that a great number of web pages for tourists succumb to deficiencies. We intend to compensate for these lacks and thus make the lives of tourists much easier.

In 2015, we printed the first map of Budapest with market-seeking intentions in mind and so that we may demonstrate our aforementioned postulations. We printed six thousand (6.000) copies and distributed them throughout Europe according to our marketing strategy. Budapest Map

Our map brought 14.773 tourists to Budapest who have stayed for an average of 3.8 days and have spent more than 15.1 million Euros collectively. With a single click here you can ask for the details of our  market research.

Since the interest for an online version had been tremendously high, we created the freeminimaps.com web site, which, in concordance with our ambitions, shall be one of the most popular and resourceful tour-affiliated web sites in the next 10 (ten) years.

If you have any questions, insights, advices or observations regarding the printed or the online maps, please contact us at the info@freeminimaps.com e-mail address.