Navagio Beach

Top 4 Beaches of Greece

Visiting Greece is like reaching into a distant time when heroism and bravery were the rulers of the world. But while we ponder the majesty of sword-and-sandal times, we inadvertently look up to the sky and realise that it is clear. “What is that?” your mind bellows. Well a favourable climate zone, of course! And what does that bring about? A good amount of jaw-dropping beaches and coastlines that do nothing else but invite you to experience them! Greece is full of such places and it would be a waste to not experience them first hand. So, without further ado, let us grab our swimsuits and sunscreens and hit the road for an unforgettable marine adventure!

1. Navagio Beach:
Kicking off the list with a resounding bang, Zakynthos is a place that should not be left out by any tourist. Serving as one of the most marketed and alluring islands of Greece (just take a look at the title photo above and you’ll recognise it in seconds), its Navagio Beach (also known by many as “Smugglers Cove”) is as scenic as it can get. Officially an exposed cove, it was originally known as “Agios Georgios”. With crystal-clear water and looming cliffs on all sides, this wonderful beach is as friendly as it can get in terms of water-turbulence. Those who cannot swim can easily learn to do so there and it can also be used for some fun time with kids (if you happen to have them with you). What’s most interesting about the beach is that it still harbours the wreck of the MV Panagiotis, a freightliner that ran aground in 1980 there. According to tales, it was transporting contraband at the time – might have something to do with the name of the place, eh (wink)?

2. Paleokastritsa:
If you happen to find yourself on the island of Corfu, the most awe-inspiring one of the Ionian Islands, then you absolutely have to pay a visit to Paleokastritsa and its beach. Considered the most scenic of all of Corfu’s beaches, it is encircled by cliffs and steep hills, offering brilliant sights all around. The golden sand of the beach itself is something that you’ll not soon forget and the cliff-encased bay offers excellent swimming conditions. Can’t swim? No problem, because the waters near Paleokastritsa are calm due to their semi-isolation. And if you really want to crank it up a notch, you can swim up to those majestic over-arching cliffs and do a little snorkelling. Oh, and did we mention that if you look at the local bays from above, you’ll notice that they form a heart-shape? Quite romantic, eh (triple wink)?

3. Kalamitsi Beach:
Moving on, we arrive at the southern extremity of Sithonia (also known as “Longos”) and its marvellous Kalamitsi Beach. With waters semi-sheltered, it is more than adequate for swimming, snorkelling, and even diving for all ages. The crystal-clear water and the cliffy environment only add to the grandeur of the soft and golden sand that you will most indubitably cherish. Local restaurants and bars serve the “recreational” purpose of the location as well but do not think by any means that Kalamitsi Beach is overcrowded. Quite the contrary – you will enjoy the fact that it is well-tended and quiet. Oh, and don’t forget to admire the local palm trees as they complete the beauty of the scenery (wink)!

4. Milos Beach:
If you’ve enjoyed the description of Navagio Beach, then you are bound to fall in love with our next contestant: Milos Beach. Situated majestically on the north-western rim of the island of Lefkada just south of Agios Nikitas, there are two main ways to get to the coastline: by foot and by boat. A planned road is also a future option but for now it is an unspoilt place. Provided with golden sand and an awe-inspiring scenic cliff-encirclement, it is a brilliant choice if you wish to move away from crowds and enjoy the place in relative silence (the sound of the sea does not count). Oh, and did you know that the word “milos” means windmill? So, essentially, you are hitting Windmill Beach (wink)!

Did you enjoy our list? Which of the aforementioned coastlines from Hellas have you visited and what lasting aftertaste have they left you with? Tell us all about your impressions of them in the comment section below! Safe travels and be sure to check back for some exciting updates from time to time!

Kalamitsi Beach

Kalamitsi Beach

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